Philcon 2023 T-shirt

Philcon 2023 T-shirt draft

Our wonderful artist guest or honor, Rob Carlos, has created artwork especially for Philcon this year with a Philly theme to it and T-shirts with that art will be sold at Philcon. Our order is heading to the T-shirt printer shortly. You can order now to ensure that your shirt(s) are included in that order. (Don’t forget your holiday shopping when you order.)

Purchase Options:

  1. Send payment now via PayPal and your shirt will be included in the order and held for you at Philcon (in Ops, located in Crystal 1). You must pick it up at Philcon. Payment must be made via PayPal and must include your name, what shirt(s) & details/sizes this is payment for. The PayPal address is Your payment must also include $1.50 (to help offset the PayPal fee). You can also confirm your payment and details to us at but do put this information on the PayPal payment.


  1. Order the shirt you want and come to the vendor’s table (Mystik Waboose) in the Dealer’s room no later than Saturday by noon to pay and pick up your shirt(s).
    If you commit by the deadline (see below), your shirt will be included in the order. But you must pick up by then to guarantee that the shirt will still be there. (Unpaid shirts not picked up by then may be sold to others at con.) To order in advance but pay (and pick up) at con, email us at the details of what you want to order.

Deadline to be included in our order:

Please place your order – prepaid or pre-con commitment (see above) – by October 10, 2023, 11:59 p.m. ET, to be included in our order with our vendor.

Special options:

Ladies V-neck shirt – Add $2 (and order up one size)
Long-sleeve shirts – Add $2
Sweatshirt – Add $5


Standard shirt, sizes S-XL $27
Sizes above XL add $2 for each size increase up to 6XL
Paying via PayPal – add $1.50 per shirt

Examples of final price:

  • A standard T-shirt, size 2XL, paid via PayPal would be $27 (base shirt) + $2 (size differential) + 1.50 (PayPal offset) = $30.50
  • A ladies V-neck, size 3XL, paid via PayPal would be $27 (base shirt) + $2 (v-neck differential) + $4 (2 size differentials) + $1.50 (PayPal offset) = $34.50

Shirt specs and size details

T-Shirt Sizing Chart